2015 Suzukake Earthquake

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2015 Suzukake earthquake
Epicenter of earthquake
Suzukake 2015 Earthquake Loc 1.png
Date 30 May 2015
Origin time 21:23:02 Nakama National Time
Magnitude 7.8Mw
Depth 677.6 km (420.79 mi)
Epicenter 27.831°N 140.493°E
Countries or regions Nakama
Max. intensity VIII (Severe)
Tsunami No
  • 6.2 Magnitude Scale at 04:49:07 nearby Yamazaki, Nakama
  • 4.8 Magnitude Scale at 03:22:39

16 Death

190 injured

The May 2015 Suzukake-Shiromoto earthquake (鈴懸県と城本県地震 Suzukake ken to Shiromoto ken jishin?) occurred at 21:23:02 Nakama National Time on 30 May, with a magnitude of 7.8Mw (some sources said 8.5Ms) and a maximum Mercalli Intensity of VIII (Severe). Its epicenter was in the east of Suzukake, Suzukake Prefecture, Nakama, and its hypocenter was at a depth of approximately 677.6 km. Reported the shock hit as far as Tokyo in neighboring country.

Reported several houses collapses around Shiromoto and Suzukake Prefecture and the resident currently evacuated. So far 16 people (13 from Suzukake and 3 from Shiromoto) reported dead due to this earthquake.


The May 30, 2015 M7.8 earthquake of Shiromoto occurred as the result of oblique-normal faulting at a depth of over 660 km beneath the Pacific Ocean. The earthquake is located within the interior of the Pacific plate that subducts beneath Nakama starting at the Izu trench, several hundred kilometers to the east of the event (and at the surface of the Earth). At the location of the earthquake, the Pacific plate moves approximately westwards with respect to the Philippine Sea plate at a rate of 39 mm/yr. This earthquake occurred in response to stresses generated by the slow distortion of the Pacific plate at depth, rather than occurring on the interface between the Pacific plate and the overriding Philippine Sea plate.

6.2 Magnitude Yamazaki

A new after-quake hit at 4:49 a.m. May 31 on the northeast from the previous main earthquake, in the offshore of Yamazaki about 200 km northeast. Due to the depth only 8.7 km, this earthquake affect more than the first one. Reported that some building received minor damages in the Yamazaki city, though no casualty reported. only 3 people injured due to the falling appliances in their home.



- 189km WNW of Chichi-shima - Izu Islands