2021 Los Santos Earthquake

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2021 Los Santos Earthquake

Map of the Chumash coastline, showing location of epicentre
Date 1 September 2021
Origin time 07:44:44 WCST
Duration 48 Seconds
Magnitude 8.3 (Mw)
Depth 13 km
Type Blind thrust
Countries or regions Stanford
Total damage $ 237 Billions
Max. intensity XI (Extreme)
Casualties 1,903 deaths
45,000 Injured

The 2021 Los Santos earthquake occurred on 1 September on 07:44:44 WCST and was centered in Summerhaven, a census designated place in Eastern Los Santos County about 65km east of Los Santos, Chumash. It had a duration of approximately 45-50 seconds. The blind thrust earthquake had a moment magnitude (Mw) of 8.3, which produced ground acceleration that were the highest ever instrumentally recorded in an urban area Chumash. The death toll is 1,903, with more than 45,000 injured. In addition, earthquake-caused property damage was estimated to be more than $237 billion, making it one of the costliest natural disasters in Sekami.