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Aoyama Metropolis
View from Shirakawa Mouri Tower, Aoyama

Aoyama location toward Nanami
Country Nanami
Region Sichika
Island Nagashima Island
Divisions 5 Main District, 24 special wards, 19 cities
 • Type Metropolis
 • Governor Nakazawa Masakage
 • Metropolis 2,155 km2 (830 sq mi)
 • Metro 13,214 km2 (5,100 sq mi)
Population (August 1, 2011)
 • Metropolis 11,940,022
 • Density 5,500/km2 (14,000/sq mi)
 • Metro 30,864,435
 • Metro density 2,300/km2 (6,000/sq mi)
 • 24 Special Wards 8,749,244
  (2011 per prefectural government)
Time zone Nanami National Time (UTC+9)
Flower Cherry Blossom
Tree Ginkgo
Bird Black-headed Gull
Website www.aoyama.go.nm/english

Aoyama (青山都 Aoyama-to?) is the 2nd largest city and metropolis of Nanami.

Located within the southern end of Sichika Plains and Shirakawa Bay in Nagashima Island, Aoyama has population of 11,940,022 by June 2011 with annual growth of +1.72% (2011). Aoyama Metropolitan area has population of 29 millions people, only less than 2 millions people with Greater Katajima-Miyagami. Despite its being the 2nd largest metropolitan area, several studies shows Aoyama as the largest metropolitan area with the consideration that Katajima (20 m) and Miyagami (9 m) as a different metropolitan areas. With the recent trend of rapid urbanization and modernization of the city, Aoyama predicted will surpass Katajima-Miyagami in 2020 and becoming the largest metropolitan area in Nanami

Aoyama is the second fastest growing city in Nakami Region only to be surpassed by Ayukawa in Nakahara with high life standard and major international economy hub. Aoyama ranks 7 in Sekami Most liveable city (2013), 10 in Global Economy Index, and considered as an alpha+ city of Sekami.


Before Inaba Period

Inaba Period and Nanami Empire (1575-1901)

Pre Great Sekami War(1901-1948)

After 1948


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Heavy Snowfall in Aoyama on 2014

Aoyama has a Humid continental climate bordering with Humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification) due its high latitude location. Like most of Southern Nanami, it has a warm humid summer and a mild cold winter though its summer temperature much higher due to the Urban heat island effect around the city. Snowfall rather moderate to heavy due to the Siberian High effect. Aoyama often hit by heavy winter storm, latest one in 2012 which bring more than 20 inches of snows toward Aoyama.


Though its not as seismically active as most of major cities on Nakami, Aoyama vulnerable with the megathust earthquake from the plate boundary in the southeast of city. Last Major earthquakes hit include 1638, 1852, and the latest one in 2011.





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