Battle of Ayukawa (1613)

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Battle of Ayukawa
Part of the Shizuku Period
080405 nagoya csl sakura.JPG
Ayukawa castle which was besieged by Maeda Atsu for 2 days
Date 17-18 June 1613
Location Owari Province
modern day northern Ayukawa Prefecture
Result Withdrawal of attacking Maeda Clan forces
Km-umebati.jpgMaeda Clan Tokugawa family crest.svgMiyawaki Vassal
Commanders and leaders
Maeda Atsu Osaki Toshinobu
Miyawaki Mitsuyasu
2,700 10,000
Casualties and losses
200 killed 800 killed, about 8000 captured or fleeing

The Battle of Ayukawa (鮎川の役 Ayukawa no Eki?) was a battle fought during the beginning of Nakahara Shizuku Period. Battle of Ayukawa take place 3 years after the establishment of Miyawaki Shogunate. Some believes that this battle was an insurgency from Maeda Clan for the establishment of Miyawaki Shogunate however there is no proof of Maeda intention to against Miyawaki Shogunate.


Maeda Takanori from Miyazu Province, the son of infamous ruler Maeda Takayuki have hidden intention for his clan and his country. Since 1608, He attacked the neighboring province until 1610 where Maeda able to expand into Shiratsuka Province and heading toward Shida Province. By 1612, Maeda Takanori stop Maeda Clan expansion right before Kariya Province. After a while, He battles Kariya daimyos with himself or his broter Maeda Takayuki.


Surprise Battle

Siege of Ayukawa Castle

Withdrawal of Maeda forces


=Maeda Takanori Intention

Until now it's unknown what is Maeda Takanori real intention by expanding his territory then withdrawing his force right just after he controlled main castle in Ayukawa. Later he invite Miyawaki Motoyasu in the Ayukawa Castle to held negotiation which resulting his sister married into Miyawaki Clan

Restoring Maeda

One of the theory on this attack is to Gain over the rule of Maeda clan which was the largest clan during Maeda Takayuki regime. As for the force withdrawal and negotiation talk intended to show Maeda prosperity toward Miyawaki and Inserting Maeda bloodline into Miyawaki clan by marrying Atsu into Miyawaki Clan.

Connection toward Siege of Nagawa

Siege of Nagawa which fought by Yokoyama Mae and Miyashita Tanosuke take place 2 years after this battle. Letter from Maeda Takanori toward Miyawaki Shogun at that time, Miyawaki Motonari said that Miyawaki should reform their system mentioning the former rulers (Maeda, Takahashi and Yokoyama) names in the end of letter. Some Theory said that the Yokoyama Mae provoked to rise against Miyawaki was because of the warring Yokoyama power and the Shogunate treatment toward them. Though there was no direct connection of both battle at all.