Chiyoko, Watanabe

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—  City  —
Chioka hill in Chiyoko City


Location of Chiyoko in Watanabe Prefecture
Country Nakahara
Region Kanto
Prefecture Watanabe Prefecture
 • Mayor Shioya Kazunari
 • Total 132 km2 (51 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 85,489
 • Density 650/km2 (1,700/sq mi)
Time zone Nakahara National Time (UTC+9)
Flower Plumeria
Tree Ficus superba
Website www.chiyokocity.go.nk

Chiyoko (地横市 Chiyoko-shi?) is a city in Watanabe Prefecture, Nakahara. It's located in the western part of Watanabe Prefecture bordering Minamiyoko, and Shimazaki in south, Shiori and Sakae in north and Okaishi in east. It has population 85,490 by 2011 making it's population density 690 people/kmsq

Chiyoko known as the location of Greater Shinkyo area secondary airport, Chiyoko-Shimazaki International Airport which located within its border with Shimazaki in southeastern part of city.


The name Chiyoko itself was out since the Sengoku era where the area was ruled by Shinozaki Clan. Chi (地) means earth in Nakamian while Yoko (横) means horizon makes this city name means earth's horizon. Though other transcription said that Chiyoko name is coming from Shinozaki Chiyoko (篠崎千代子), a notable person in Shinozaki Clan during later Shizuku period though this name doubted as the real transcription of city.

Some myth said that the chi kanji is 血 which means blood. This myth comes along with the story of Chioka (地岡) in the city area is actually named 血岡 which means Bloody Hills. This story mostly tells about the existence of Shinodake Estate, as an hideout of Shinodake Clan, a legendary clans that rules over Kashiwadaira Province but later massacred by the Shinozaki clan soon after they took over the location


Chiyoko was part of Kashiwadaira Province ruled by Kiijima Clan before the Sengoku Period of Nakahara. Later on during Shizuku period, this city part of Kashiwadaira Domain, which covers whole modern day Watanabe Prefecture with its base in Kawabe Castle, modern day Kawabe city.

After the abolition of han system, Chiyoko incoorporated into the Watanabe Prefecture, consisting of Chiyoko town, Taei town, Chioka village and Shimofune village. Later in 1955, Chiyoko town status upgraded into Chiyoko city, merging Chioka and Shimofune. In 1969, Chiyoko-Shimazaki Airport project started in the former Shimofune village area and finished later on in 1976.

In 2004, Taei town absorbed into Chiyoko city.


Chiyoko consist of hilly area of Watanabe Prefecture with smaller plains in western part of city. The city population mostly resides in the western part of city as well as the plains on southeastern part. Chioka hill is one of known sacred forest for locals and incorporated into prefectural park by Watanabe Prefecture.


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