Cibebek Province

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Cibebek Province
Provinsi Cibebek
—  Province  —
Japanese transcription(s)
 • Kanji 鴨川州
 • Romanji Kamogawa-Shuu
Location of Cibebek Province
Country Karasem
Island Kasim Island
Capital Cibebek
 • Governor H. Wawan Saputra
 • Total 10,296 km2 (4,000 sq mi)
Area rank 12th
Population (2010)
 • Total 16,849,282
 • Rank 2nd
 • Density 1,636/km2 (4,200/sq mi)
Time zone Karasem Time (UTC+7)
Flower Plumeria
Tree Clusiaceae

Cibebek Province (鴨川州 Kamogawa-Shuu?) is a Province in Karasem located roughly in central part of country. It's the second largest province in population term after North Cikulon Province and the smallest in area term.

Cibebek host Karasem second largest city Cibebek and Kota Baru federal district, the capital of Karasem is located within this province area. Cibebek Metropolitan area population in 2010 census is 11 millions people which is the second largest metropolitan area in Karasem. It also the fastest growing city on Karasem as well as second largest economy activity within the country.



Cibebek Province has a lot of elevation change. in some part of this province, there are mountains. The highest mountain in Cibebek is Mt. Rempah in the Penelokan District which has heigh of 2207m abouve the sea. The notable mountains are located in the center of Kasem Island which made a chain from the Pojokan Distict into Bankalan. Those chains of mountain has various range from 690 m - 2200m. While there's many mountain, the northeastern and southwestern part of the province consist a flat lowlands. These lowland some has a peatland structure which not too fertile than the most of the part of province.


Cibebek province has the most population in the western part where the Kota Baru and Cibebek exist. The number of exodus in 1990s make the Cibebek City area into very crowded land. This fact make KOBARCIPOUN (KOta BARu, CIbebek, POndok daUN) metro area is Karasem 2nd densest metro area in Karasem which has population 11,830,453. Kota Baru itself only hold 1,355,777 people.





Cibebek Province has a main road that connecting the whole island in a chain from Cibebek City-Pojokan-Pondok Daun-Karangutara-Penelokan-Bankalan-Kota Baru and back to Cibebek City again. This road is noted as national 1st main road. most of this road planned to be 2lanes in each direction but for now, it's already 68% in of this road is 2 lanes. This road also the main lane for transporting freight. There's more minor provincial main road that connecting each cities. These roads considering some 2 lanes and 1 lanes in each direction. the most congested provincial road was Cikaas-Penelokan Hulu road which is 1 lanes also the tourism area. Railways in Cibebek consist dual ways rail and some other still single track rail. this railways, connecting major cities in Cibebek and transporting freight. Highways was built in Cibebek to avoid congested main roads of the province. for example Cikaas - Pondok Daun Tollroad was created to reduce the traffic jam in Penelokan-Cidaun Main road that constantly happened. Currently most of major cities has been connected by highway (with the exception of Karangutara which is still in work). In the future, probably in 2016, Cibebek Province cities are connected with highways.

There's a major airport in Cibebek that's Cibebek International Airport, and some minor landing strip like one in Pondok Daun, Karangutara and Bankalan. Currently, government building an international Airport to replacing Cibebek International Airport because of overcrowded and was not free in the airborne.

Cibebek province has some bridges that conneting to other province (Cikulon and West Jaya). These bridges was intended to built in order to reduce traffic jam in the ferry crossing. especially JABABEKA (JAya-BAnkalan-ciBEbek-KAsem) bridge that connection Tj. Pasir (West Jaya) with Bankalan (Cibebek). This bridge was one the most important because the number of traffic from Jayakarta to Cibebek was very congested. The other one is Kota Baru-Cibengkok bridge that connecting Cibebek with Cikulon island (via Tajin Island).

While there's a few inter island ferry crossing, One of the most crowded is Tj. Pojok - Tj. Belawan that connecting Cibebek with Ketapang Province. This crossing is very congested so the government has planned to built the bridge.

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