Great Sekami War II (alternate)

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Great Sekami War II
Date 20 May 2016 - 2 February 2017
Location Planet Sekami
Result Allied partial victory
New Order factions dissolved
Invasion of Okahin toward Sekami
Template:Country data Stanford
Template:Country data Guanzhong
Template:Country data Vladimirovka
Template:Country data Sekko
Template:Country data Avalon
Template:Country data Morelos
New Order
New Mongkhe Flag.svgNew Mongkhe Empire
Avalon N Flag.svgAvalon Empire
Commanders and leaders
Edmond West
Sebastian Greenaway
Ramon Alfonso
Numakura Matsumoto
New Order
New Mongkhe Flag.svgMasumizu Yoshino/ögsökh khan
Avalon N Flag.svgCharles Lubowe
Avalon N Flag.svgClarence Hook
Flag of Nakahara.svgNamiko Natsuhara
Casualties and losses
Military:10.000.000 Military:370.000
Civilians: 95.000.000
(probably much more due to nuclear attack)

The Second Great Sekami War is a global military conflict hit Sekami lasted in 2016-2017 (alternate timeline).


Kashiwaba Incident

New Empire Rises

War Declaration

Aisia-Attica Theatre

Avalon Theatre

Course of War

Fall of Mukden (8-14 June 2016)

Re-establishment of Shangdu, Capital of New Mongkhe

Guangzhong War

Annexation of Avalon and Endymion (29 May-17 June 2016)

Battle of Endymion City

Northeast Aisai Offensive (14 July 2016-2 January 2017)

War in Attica (20 July 2016-10 January 2017)

Stanford-Morelos Conquest (30 June - 8 August 2016)

Battle of Los Santos

Nakamian War (19 November 2016 - 29 January 2017)

Battle of Katajima (14-17 December 2017)

Misaki City War (18 December 2017)

Siege of Shizugawa (19 December 2017)

Fall of Seomil (29 December 2017)

Final Stage of War

Recapture of Sekko (2-9 January 2017)

Battle of Shinkyo (7-10 January 2017)

Second Battle of Los Santos (8-9 January 2017)

Nuclear Winter Attack (9 January 2017)

Battle of Shangdu (16-18 January 2017)

Siege of Endymion City (28 January - 1 February 2017)



Weapons Used