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Katajima Metropolis
Nightview in Katabashi, Katajima


Katajima location toward Nanami
Country Nanami
Region Kansai
Island Nagashima Island
Divisions 5 Main District, 27 special wards, 23 cities
 • Type Metropolis
 • Governor Hikaru Nakada
 • Metropolis 2,756 km2 (1,100 sq mi)
 • Metro 12,415 km2 (4,800 sq mi)
Population (August 1, 2011)
 • Metropolis 15,744,920
 • Density 5,700/km2 (15,000/sq mi)
 • Metro 31,388,944
 • Metro density 2,500/km2 (6,500/sq mi)
 • 27 Special Wards 9,380,295
  (2011 per prefectural government)
Time zone Nanami National Time (UTC+9)
Flower Rapeseed
Tree Ginkgo
Bird Black-headed Gull
Website www.katajima-metro.go.nm/english

Katajima (方島都 Katajima?) is a largest city of Nanami. Sitting in the middle of Nagashima Island, Nanami, Katajima-Miyagami Metropolitan area which includes Nanami capital, Miyagami have population about 31 millions people, 3rd in Sekami below Shinkyo in Nakahara.

Katajima is known as the secondary city of Nakami (after Shinkyo) and Nanami central economic activity. Katajima is the first or 2 Metropolitan cities in Nanami (the other is Aoyama) which consist of 5 main districts on the central city and 23 other cities in the prefecture. It was formed after the Secondary Nanami Imperial Restoration in 1949 which also dissolve Katajima City of Miyagami Prefecture earlier. During its early days, Kawaei Clan who try to gain their power over Nogizaka Clan Shogunate in end of 16th century Nanami set a castle in Katajima Plains, this castle nowday known as Katajima Castle. Under Kawaei Clan, Katajima grow from small port town into a major trading hub in Nakamian region.

Katajima listed as the 5th Sekami largest city by economic sector by Sekami International Bank. It also gains big 10 on most liveable city on Sekami though in 2012, it dropped into 14th place and overtaken by its smaller sister, Aoyama in the south.


Early days

Katajima was part of Miyagishi Province during Meishin period until later Nanami Period. After the split of Meishin, Miyagishi Province ruled by Kodaira Clan, though some area are directly controlled by Nogizaka Clan as Shogunate in Miyagami. Provincial Capital of Miyagishi located in Nishioka Mountains, on the western part of modern day Katajima though Kodaira Clan base located in Shirono Castle (modern day Shirono Station). During Nakahara invasions of Nanami, in 1590 Yokoyama Clan as the front force entered Katajima Plains to gain access toward Shogunate Capital in Miyagami. Battle of Katajima taking place in most of the modern day city area between Takahashi Clan forces from Nakahara with Nogizaka Clan forces from Nanami. Later, Takahashi Clan gain over Shirono Castle and make it as the temporary base during their invasion.

Kawaei Rules (1602-1803)

After the invasion from Takahashi Clan, Nogizaka Shogunate influence in Nanami decreased with the civil unrest in several part of country. Kawaei Clan from Kinugasa Province marched toward Miyagami to retreive depleting Nogizaka Shogunate remaining power. In 1602, Katajima Castle build in the side of Katagawa river as their base in the ambition to pacify Nanami from the rising independent daimyos across the country. With the establishment of Katajima Castle, Katajima port town grow rapidly as it being a vital connection from west coast of Nagashima Island.

Nanami Empire (1803-1948)




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Sister States

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