Kawaei Clan

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Kawaei clan
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Kawaei clan mon
Home province Kinugasa
Parent house Miyamoto
Founder Kawaei Toyonobu
Final ruler Kawaei Naoki
Founding year 11th century
Ruled until 1903

The Kawaei clan (川栄氏 Kawaei-shi?) was a Nakamian samurai clan. Kawaei clan is the branch of larger Miyamoto Clan prior to the split of Nakami. Kawaei clan was a minor clan in Southern Court, ruled Southern part of Kinugasa Province. Kawaei clan was known as the unifier of Nanami under the lead of Kawaei Rena and later Kawaei Yoshiyuki. Until the first imperial restoration in 1801, Kawaei clan was the leader of Southern Court (outside imperial leader). After the democratization of Nanami, Kawaei Clan no longer in its political position, though some of the descendant of Kawaei currently active in Nanami government.


Prior to 1598

Rise to power

Kawaei Rena Rule

Kawaei Yoshiyuki Complete unification

Invasion of Kaesong and Ming

After completely unified southern court area, in 1620, Kawaei Yoshiyuki aiming to rule over Ming Dynasty with using Kaesong as the stepping stone toward the larger Ming. Although having much negative reactions from his vassals, Yoshiyuki start to launch attack toward Kaesong by sending 80,000 soldiers under various clans into the mainland.

Struggle of Power

Inaba Period

19th century government consolidation

1903 Nanami democratization and crisis

20th Century until today

Known Members, Retainers and Vassals