Kinai Prefecture

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Kinai Prefecture
—  Prefecture  —
Nakamian transcription(s)
 • Nakamian 畿内県
 • Romanji Kinai-ken

Symbol of Kinai Prefecture
Location of Kinai Prefecture
Country Nakahara
Region Naoshima
Island Naoshima Island
Capital Kinai
 • Governor Takashi Wakahisa
 • Total 5,031 km2 (1,900 sq mi)
Area rank 33th
Population (2011)
 • Total 2,981,004
 • Rank 14th
 • Density 590/km2 (1,500/sq mi)
Time zone Nakahara National Time (UTC+9)
Flower Azalea
Tree Nakamian horse-chestnut
Website www.kinai-pref.go.nk/

Kinai Prefecture (畿内県 Kinai Ken?) is a prefecture of Nakahara located in the Naoshima Region on the Naoshima Island. The capital and the largest city of this prefecture is Kinai.


Formerly as Kinai Province and Kashiwaba Province during the earlier days, Kinai Prefecture was one of highly noted area in term of history on Nakahara

Earlier History

Sengoku Period up to Shizuku Period

Modern Kinai

In 1970, a 7.4 Magnitude scale earthquake hit southern coast of this prefecture. There are moderate damage to this earthquake reported in the Shuto and several other city in this region.

Kashiwaba Incident

One of the notable history is Kashiwaba Incident involving the former largest city in the prefecture Kashiwaba City, turned Academy City into the independent state.

2013 Kinai Interstellar Convention


Kinai Prefecture located in the northern part of Naoshima Island, lay in the Sawasaki Plain making this prefecture consist mainly lowlands with several minor hills and mountains in the southeast. The north side of Kinai lies Sanhe Sea, while in the south there is Koshi Naoshima-Higashi Mountain range. It has a fairly fertile soils in the west coast to the Mikawa Bay which make this prefecture is a good area for agriculture activities. Major rivers are flow throughout the prefecture, Kurowashikawa River (黒鷲川) the largest one flow from Koshi Prefecture all way toward Kisawa Bay in Maezaki Prefecture.

Kinai Prefecture normally far from the plate boundary making it safe from Megathrust earthquake though there are several fault lies within its area. The 1970 Kinai Earthquake was one of the largest earthquake hit Kinai Prefecture directly since most of earthquake usually hit Kinai from southeast coast of Naoshima Island.


Most of Kinai Prefecture has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification Cfa) with fairly hot summers and cool winters. Rainfall are commons all over the year with the higher rate in the summer.

Kinai Prefecture has higher snow precipitation than area in Maeda Island with higher latitude because of its location within Snowbelt of Nakahara. There are several ski resort opened in the south of Kinai Prefecture around Koshi Naoshima Mountain range in winter, allowing higher rate of tourist come.

Cities and Towns

There are - cities located in Kinai Prefecture:

There are towns in each districts:

Several former cities and town which is merged, or dissolved:




Crime and Safety

Kinai Prefecture has the largest number of designated yakuza groups among all of the prefectures, at 5 including the infamous group Kazen-kai. Between 2004 and 2009, and in early 2011, Kinai Prefecture leads the nation in gun-related incidents. These incidents were mostly related to the local yakuza syndicates.


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