Kizugawa Rebellion

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Kizugawa Rebellion
Kizugawa Castle
Date January 13 to August 18, 1871
Location Ayukawa Prefecture, Suruga Prefecture, Oshima Prefecture
Result Imperial victory
Flag of Nakahara.svg Empire of Nakahara Oda Kamon.svg Kizugawa Domain
Commanders and leaders
Emperor: Emperor Nakamura
Imperial Army: Yamada Terumoto
Matsuzaki Hitoshi
Leader: Yokozawa Haruka
Yokoyama Shinobu
Takahashi Noriaki
60,000 5,000 (firstly)
24,000 (later)
Casualties and losses
6,278 dead
9,523 wounded
about 24,000 (either killed or surrendered)

The Kizugawa Rebellion (西原戦争 Nishihara Sensō (Nishihara War)?) was a revolt of disaffected samurai against the new imperial government, 5 years after the Nakahara Boshin War and the process of Nakamura restoration. The leader Yokozawa Haruka was against the Westernization which come with the restoration proces. The rebellion lasted from January 13, 1871 until August of that year, when it was decisively crushed.