Maeda Clan

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Maeda clan
Japanese crest Kaga Umebachi.svg
Maeda clan mon
Home province Atsumi
Titles Various
Final ruler Maeda Toshimasa
Current head Maeda Akimoto
Founding year 12th century
Dissolution still extant
Ruled until 1869 (Abolition of the han system)

The Maeda clan (前田氏 Maeda-shi?) was a Nakamian samurai clan that descendant of Sugiwara Clan in 8th century. It was one of the most powerful samurai families in Nakahara and they were second only to the Miyawaki clan in rice production and fief size. They became daimyo of 2 major domains, Nakagawa Domain and Ishikawa Domain during the Shizuku period.


During the 16th century, Maeda Takayuki, head of Maeda clan in Atsumi Province aim to rule the whole Nakami. However he was assassinated by Shumei Shinozaki force during his campaign for Sagami Province on 1583. Later his son, Maeda Takahisa involved toward the family succession conflict with the backup of Takahashi Harunaga causing Maeda Clan holding decreased, leaving Takahisa with a small fief in Miyazu Province. He also participated in the southern court campign being the secondary leader after Takahashi Harunaga. During the Battle of Ichinomiya, Maeda clan sided with Yokoyama Clan coalition and fight together later during attack on Kashiwaba Castle.

In 1607 with the advice from his sister Atsu, Maeda Takahisa gave the leadership to Maeda Takanori. Under Takanori, Maeda clan regains its glories by making their Miyazu territory into one of the most developed in northern court. Started in 1608, Maeda Takanori attacking the neighborhood territory of Shiratsuka Province as a movement toward his own intention which nobody know until now. Yokoyama Misuzu which was the leading daimyo at that time seems not have any problem from Maeda Takanori action on attacking Shida and Odaito and continue their movement to reunify the country from Morigami Clan in Tokai Region. By September 1610, Maeda Takanori already ruled the whole Miyazu, Shiratsuka and western end of Odaito Province that until the death of Yokoyama Misuzu.

After hearing the news of Siege of Shizukana, Takanori intensified his movement and begun to launch force toward Shida and Kariya. In 1612, Maeda Takanori launch his full force into Ayukawa Castle in Owari Province. This surprise attack was lead by Maeda Atsu which was controversial toward his vassals including his brother Maeda Takahisa. After this battle, Maeda Takanori invited Miyawaki Motoyasu on talk and agree to gave Maeda Atsu into the marriage with Miyawaki clan.

With the marriage of Maeda Atsu, Maeda Clan had 2 holdings, their previous holding in Miyazu Province though its reduced and the prosperous Nakagawa Domain in Yamashiro Province. Until the end of Shizuku Period, Maeda able to survive their bloodline in both Nakagawa and Ishikawa Domain. During the Nakahara Boshin War, Maeda clan of Nakagawa sided with the Imperial power while Ishikawa Maeda took neutral side on the war eventhough they in the vulnerable situation. After the Nakamura Restoration, some of Maeda clan descendant take place in Nakahara politics, while much of them are in other sector such as Maeda Akimoto (born 1972) the current head is one of the most successful businessman in Nakahara.

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