Minamizaki Prefecture

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Minamizaki Prefecture
—  Prefecture  —
Nakamian transcription(s)
 • Nakamian 南崎県
 • Romanji Minamizaki-ken

Symbol of Minamizaki Prefecture
Location of Minamizaki Prefecture in Nakahara
Country Nakahara
Region Tokai
Island Maejima Island
Capital Arakawa
 • Governor Aida Kōhei
 • Total 3,208 km2 (1,200 sq mi)
Area rank 43rd
Population (2014)
 • Total 3,685,138
 • Rank 10th
 • Density 1,100/km2 (3,000/sq mi)
Time zone Nakahara National Time (UTC+9)
Flower Prunus persica
Tree Nakamian Zelkova
Website www.pref-minamizaki.nk/

Minamizaki Prefecture (南崎県 Minamizaki Ken?) is a prefecture in the eastern Tokai Region of Nakahara. The capital is the city of Arakawa.


Minamizaki prior to the Abolition of Han System in the end of 19th century was called Izuno Province and Tozaki Province. Tozaki Province known for its high productions of seaproducts for being located in the eastern end of Nakahara. Izuno Province was one of the sword producer in the eastern part of Nakahara.

During the Early Sengoku period, Minamizaki was controlled under Arata Clan with their base at Matsubara Castle. Later, Arata Clan was submited to the expanding Morigami Clan in 1562 after they failed in the numberous battles. Later in 1608 with the backup soldiers of Suzumoto Clan from Futami, Yokoyama Clan besieged Matsubara Castle after sucessfully taking over Akashima Castle from Morigami. With the fall of Matsubara Castle, Yokoyama Misuzu reunified eastern part of Maejima Island and end their eastern Nakahara conquest after Shimogawa Clan from Mikado Province invaded Kashima.

In the Shizuku Period, Tozaki and Izuno were divided into several smaller districts and domains with the central government at Akashima Castle, held by Suzumoto Clan. Akashima Domain was the main domain of Tokai Region with the income of 300,000 while Tozaki domain was hold by Suzumoto as well. Under Suzumoto Clan, Akashima and Tozaki grow into a major trading centre in eastern Nakahara, especially Tokai Region. In 1682, Tokai Region once hit by strong Earthquake and Tsunami devasting its coastal area as well as the growing port of Akashima, casualities estimated around 700-1000 people from Tokai Region.

After Nakamura restoration, Tozaki Domains, containing Tozaki Province and several part of Izuno Province was admitted into the Minamizaki Prefecture with its capital in Arakawa, eastern part of Tozaki Peninsulla. With the emerging neighboring Akashima Prefecture, Minamizaki able to grow into a urban area in eastern Nakahara. in 17 July 1947, Arakawa was bombarded by the aerial bombardment of Allied forces during Great Sekami War, causing destruction 70% of its urban areas.

In 26 July 2014, A magnitude 9.3 earthquake hit east coast of Nakahara causing major tsunami hit Minamizaki Prefecture. Minamizaki Prefecture is the most affected area by the tsunami being its eastern coast almost completely flattened. From the Arakawa City area, earthquake causing damages toward most building due to the underlying fault beneath the city toward Akashima.






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