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Nakarashi Metropolitan Area

Nakarashi (奈殻士 "Nagawa-Kara-Fujiyoshi?) is a Nakahara metropolitan region encompassing the metropolitan areas of the cities of Kara in Kara Prefecture, Nagawa in Nagawa Prefecture and Fujiyoshi in Fujiyoshi Prefecture (also includes several minor designated cities such as Nagisa in Nagawa, Nagara in Fujiyoshi and Futatsunihitotsu in Kara and other cities in the 3 prefectures. The entire region has a population (as of 2010) of 13,702,194 over an area of 7,141 km². It is Nakahara's second most populated urban region after the Greater ShinkyoArea, containing approximately 13% of Nakahara's population.

The GDP in this area (Nagawa and Fujiyoshi) is $579 billion, making it one of the world's most productive regions with Nagawa as a commercial centre and Fujiyoshi as the largest port and a major industrial area for Nakama.

The name Nakarashi is constructed by extracting a representative kanji from Nagawa (川), Kara (から), and Fujiyoshi (富吉). This region also called Sanken (三県) which mean Three Prefecture Cities in english since the region includes the whole 3 prefectures of Nakama. Sometimes, the metropolitan area definition also includes neighboring Uchida / Shuto-Kyota (内多) metropolitan area since both area neighboring each other only divided by eastern izu mountain range but the official statement from Nakama government decides to divide the region into 2 different metropolitan area


Range of Area

Nakama National Statistic Institute defines the set of municipalities that are entirely 3 prefectures as the measure of the metropolitan area. As of 2011, the population for this region was 13,702,194. Other Definition is by the range of urban commute within Nagawa as the centre which includes whole Nagawa Prefecture, Northern portion of Kara Prefecture (including its capital), Southern part of Fujiyoshi prefecture and several district in the west of Kyuishi Prefecture.




Izu International Airport opened in 1999 and is now the main international airport for the region. It sits on an artificial island off-shore in Nagisa and serves the city of Nagawa and its surrounding cities of Nagisa, Kara, and Fujiyoshi. Izu is the geographical term for the area of the northeastern portion of Naichi Island. The airport is linked by direct train service to Nagawa and Kara, and bus service to many major nearby centres, including Fujiyoshi.

Nagawa International Airport, located in the Shudon city, Nagawa Prefecture, still serves most of the domestic service for the metropolitan region.



Expressway and Tollroads