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Empire of Nanami
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: 一大国
"Ichi Daikoku"
Anthem: 輝く光
"Kagayaku Hikari"
Map of Nanami in Nakami region
Largest city Katajima
Official languages Nakamian
Recognised national languages Nakamian
Ethnic groups 95% Nakamian  • 3% Seomirese  • 2% Other
Demonym Nakamian
Government Parliamentary Monarch
 -  Emperor Shinmyō
 -  Prime Minister Ryosaku Kito
Legislature National Parliament
National Days
 -  National Foundation Day January 3, 630BC (630BC-01-03) 
 -  Nanami Imperial Restoration February 27, 1803 (1803-02-27) 
 -  Secondary Imperial Restoration August 18, 1948 (1948-08-18) 
 -  Total 374,822 km2
144,720 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 1.1
 -  2015 estimate 122,569,146
 -  2010 census 122,533,715
 -  Density 311/km2
805.5/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2014 estimate
 -  Total $4,531,199,953,451
 -  Per capita $36,979
GDP (nominal) 2013 estimate
 -  Total $4,031,199,953,451
 -  Per capita $34,551
HDI (2012)0.915
very high · 12th
Currency En ()
Time zone (UTC+9)
Drives on the left
Calling code +32
Internet TLD .nm

Nanami Empire (七海帝國 Nanami Teikoku?) is an island nation in East Aisai. Located in the Nakami Region, it lies to the east of the Sea of Sanhe, South Seomil, Guangzhong and Vladimirovka, stretching from the Poltavka Sea in the south to the Nakahara in the north.

Nanami is the second most populated nation in Nakami Region after Nakahara. It is the largest country in Nakami by the population. Nanami is notable for its high rate of urbanization with 92.4% of its population live in urbanized area. The largest island of Nanami is Nagashima Island which also Nakamian Archipelago's largest island in term of the land size beating the more notable and populated Maejima Island in Nakahara.

During the 20th century, Nanami transformed from one of underdeveloped nation in Aisai into the most livable country. Since mid of 20th century, Nanami experienced a rapid growth of Economy having it become the 4th highest Gross Domestic Product of Sekami with high income from hi tech industry, automobiles, and software development. By the beginning of 21st century, population of Nanami live in high standard of live including education, health care and human development index.


Early History

Heian Period

Shizukawa Restoration

Miyagami Period and Nogizaka Shogunate

In 1329, Nogizaka clan under the daimyo Nogizaka Sadanobu took over the Shogun position of Southern Court after overthrowing the previous Taira Shogun and gaining the trust of Southern Imperial court in Miyagami. With Nogizaka Sadanobu as the first Nogizaka Shogun, Nanami Imperial government losing its authority toward the Shogunate Government. By 1332, Nogizaka Shogunate built its capital in Fushimi Castle in Miyagami, close toward the imperial palace.

Nogizaka Shogunate authority last until the late 16th century until the rule of Nogizaka Masaharu in 1520 when the rebel of Kanemoto Chikaru attacked Miyagami and besieged the Fushimi Castle, although Nogizaka clan able to suppress rebels, their shougunate influence decreased all over the Nanami leading southern court without the major authority.

Sengoku Ransei

With Nogizaka Shogunate losing its authority toward their vassal clans, many clans all over Nanami engaged into other in order to expand their territory causing the

Inaba Period

Inaba Period is period when Southern court ruled by Kawaei Clan from their shogunate capital in Inaba Castle which later renamed into Katajima Castle in 1803 after the Katajima Plains.

First Empire of Nanami

Great Sekami War

Modern Nanami

Government and Politics


Administrative Divisions