Second Interstellar War

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Second Interstellar War
Part of The great Space Invasion
Invasion of Trunaudsea in Planet Iqulsaont
Date 2014-2015
  • first wave: October 26 2014 - December 28 2014 (Sekami Time)
  • second wave: January 19 2014 - Present (ongoing) (Sekami Time)
Location Milky Way Galaxy:
Aldora, Iqulsaont, Stroastaps plus several star systems
Unified Civilization Expanding Civilization
Commanders and leaders
Unified Civilization
  • Sekami:
    Hirosue Yoshimasa,
    Matsuoka Reina,
    Natsuhara Namiko (suspended)
  • Iqulsaont:
    Reinald Gillins,
    Deezee Littledust
  • Satsu: Shirai Keishin
  • Dhairi: Lenard Kampf
  • Arayeh: Crony Raynia
Expanding Civilization
Total 9209 Space ships
Total 13,890,000 Armies
Total 7840 Space ships
Total 8,390,918 Armies
Casualties and losses
60,000 KIA
1,200,000 WIA
9 Major Cities Destroyed
182,039 KIA
982,099 WIA
32 Major Cities Destroyed
Civilian Casuality: 29 Milions (estimated)
Major Cities Destroyed: 103
Planet Rampaged: 3

Second Interstellar War is the secondary war break after the previous Interstellar War in 2013 (sekami time).


2013 Interstellar Incident

Aldora invasion of Trunaudsea

Tension within Okahin and Satsu

Sekami Involvement

Sekami Involvement started in December 14 2014 when Okahin start to move their UAV units into Sekami in the purpose of invading the planet. The UAV invasion failed by an attack causing total destruction from Sekami IAA Aliance Nations forces with the leader Admiral Hirosue Yoshimasa from Nankyoku Base. IAA Aliance Nations forces with 4,000 specialized forces departed from Nankyoku Interstellar Hub into Okahin Star System by December 15 and entering the Star System 2 days later.

Chang-Er III Annexation by Aldora

Meanwhile in Chang-Er System,

Academy City's "Operation O"

With the After the temporary truce in December 27 2014, Sekami forces from the IAA Alliance Nations retreated to Sekami.

Later Revealed that "Operation O" is operation to reduce Sekami Population from 11.85 billions people (2014) into just 3 billions people by displacing the rest into larger planet with force. This operation was going to be launched once the Okahin surrendered from the war or defeated by other Civilization.

Second Wave of War

Time Confusions of Battle

Technology used