Shin-Kashiwaba, Kinai

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—  Core City  —
Nakahara National Route 3 Shin-Kashiwaba Downtown Area

Location of Shin-Kashiwaba in Kinai Prefecture
Country Nakahara
Region Naoshima
Prefecture Kinai Prefecture
 • Mayor Nosaka Kiyomori
 • Total 234 km2 (90 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 468,330
 • Density 2,000/km2 (5,200/sq mi)
Time zone Nakahara National Time (UTC+9)
Flower Wisteria floribunda
Tree Acer palmatum

Shin-Kashiwaba (新柏葉市 ShinKashiwaba-shi?) is a city in Kinai Prefecture, Nakahara. As for 2011, it has population 468,330 with land size 234 km square making its density 2,001 per km square

Shin-Kashiwaba was the main fraction of Kashiwaba city, Kinai prior to the Kashiwaba Incident in 1958. Shin-Kashiwaba was traditionally the largest city in Kinai Prefecture until the rapid growth of its capital, Kinai City and the dissolving of Kashiwaba City into Kashiwaba District and Academy City.


Sengoku Period and prior

Shizuku Period

Kashiwaba City

Kashiwaba Incident

Kashiwaba District and Shin-Kashiwaba City formation

Siege of Kashiwaba 2014




Dense Residential area in Shin-Kashiwaba

As for 2011, Shin-Kashiwaba has population of 468,330 people which is increasing from 442,590 in 2003. Though the peak population of Kashiwaba city was 700,488 people in 1956, Shin-Kashiwaba currently has it's largest population since the dismiss of Kashiwaba City in 1958. Kashiwaba Metropolitan area which includes Kizawa, Minamikashiwaba and several neighboring cities has population of 1,420,580 people. The calculation not includes the neighboring independent city State Academy City since both area not considered to have any economic relation for their populations. If all 2,300,000 Academy City population counted in, the Kashiwaba-Academy City Metropolitan Area will have population 2.7 millions.



Culture and Sports

Crime and Safety

Shin-Kashiwaba City known as Nakaharan most dangerous city with its reputation for numerous violence battle and home to several organized crime around Nakahara. Shin-Kashiwaba has the highest crime rate per 1000 people than any place in Nakahara, leaving Nagawa at second and Kinai at third position.

There are 2 known Yakuza group based on Shin-Kashiwaba city. The most influential and powerful Hirado-Gumi which also Nakahara's 2nd largest group runs their operation throughout the city, involving the weapons smuggling into Academy City dealing with the Skill out from the state. Another group is Miyashita-Gumi, the 4th largest group in Nakahara which one of the oldest organized yakuza group in Nakahara.

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