Shinozaki Clan

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Shinozaki clan
Shinozaki clan mon
Home province Sagami
Founder Shinozaki Himiko
Final ruler Shinozaki Zaion
Current head Shinozaki Tomoko?
Founding year 14th century
Dissolution Probably 1890
Ruled until 1867 (Abolition of the han system)

The Shinozaki clan (篠崎氏 Shinozaki-shi?) was a Nakamian samurai clan that claimed descent from the Emperor Jin-Roku. It was first founded from area in Sagami Province (Modern day Watanabe Prefecture) and later rapidly expands their territory during the Sengoku Period. Shinozaki Clan is notable as the force which can stop Maeda Clan and Yokoyama Clan from expanding their territory during the Unification of Nakahara. Later it was devastated by Miyawaki Clan after Battle of Kawabe. Shinozaki Family line are missing after the abolition of Han System in 1868 presumably dissolved in modern Nakahara Empire.


Current Status

After the missing trace of main family line in 19th century, in 2012 atleast there are several Shinozaki Family descendant known. There are atleast 5 known descendant:

Rumor and Myths

Shinozaki clan is the clan with highest number of Myths within it. Started from the involvement Magic in historical Sengoku Period and later during their disappearance within abolition of Han System.

Known Retainer