Siege of Kashiwaba (2014)

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Siege of Kashiwaba
Part of Kashiwaba Resistances
Siege of Kashiwaba 2014 1.jpg
Fuze effect seen from Shin-Kashiwaba City
Date May 16 - 23 2014
Location Shin-Kashiwaba, Kizawa, Academy City
Result Shin-Kashiwaba city and Academy city safe from the threat
Academy City
Forces of Kashiwaba independent group
Commanders and leaders
Academy City
Hound Dog:
Kihara Atsumatsu
Anti Skill:
Kobayashi Akihiro
Masumizu Yui
Shirashima Rina
Military: Yamashiro Karoku
Matsunaga Masato
Tokunaga Haruki
Ishimoto Namika
Nishiyama Narumi
Academy City
Hound Dog: 6,000
Anti Skill: 700
Judgement: 345
Nakahara National Forces: 2,000
Kashiwaba Resistance Group: 200
Mechanical Mecha: 16,500
Casualties and losses
341 KIA
480 WIA
82 group members KIA
atleast 7,500 Mecha destroyed
Civilian Casuality: Academy City: 793
Nakahara: 202

Siege of Kashiwaba in 2014 or sometimes called Shin-Kashiwaba Incident is a series of attack from the resistance group taking control of the mechanical robot forces from their latest inventory in order to destroy Academy City and restore the Kashiwaba city exist before Kashiwaba Incident. Siege of Kashiwaba is the largest military conflict around Nakami area since the Kashiwaba Incident which taking place in same location.


In 1958, Kashiwaba Incident happened in the Kashiwaba City, a former city in Kinai Prefecture Nakahara caused by the Kushima Resistance by attacking the Kashiwaba Research centre, which later turned into the center of Academy City by the year. The incident involved local civilians creating unrest situation around the city until later forces Nakahara to engage force within the area.

The Battles

Prior events

Friday May 16 in the morning, a robotic research facility being hacked by the member of Kotsuto, an hired group by Kashiwaba independent group additionally they able to control it. More than 15,000 mecha, mechanical battle robots produced by the facility hacked creating chaos inside the Academy City. Friday 10.00am more than 100 members of Judgement dispatched to control the chaotic situation inside the city. At 11.30 the border within Academy city breached by around 130 people with military equipment.

Attack on Shin-Kashiwaba Nuclear Facility

Academy city vs thousand mechas

Siege on District 7 Academy City

After gaining access toward the Plutonium of Shin-Kashiwaba Nuclear facility, Kashiwaba Independent group move toward the Academy city from the west side using the bomb placed around the wall to get into Academy City area.

Battle of Shin-Kashiwaba

Fuze Effect

Final Battle

Final Battle between both sides taking place in Academy City District 7. Under the leader of Shirashima Rina, combined numbers of Judgement and Anti Skill make the final movement

Meanwhile, Yokozawa Rino with Natsuhara Namiko in the front charge of stoping Matsunaga Masato, the leader of the resistance group to access the Academy City top secret project in district 23.