Suzukake Prefecture

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Suzukake Prefecture
—  Prefecture  —
Japanese transcription(s)
 • Japanese 鈴懸県
 • Romanji Suzukake-ken

Symbol of Suzukake Prefecture
Location of Suzukake Prefecture in Nakama
Country Nakama
Region Nanbu
Island Seijima Island
Capital Suzukake
 • Governor Kotani Katsuhisa
 • Total 4,782 km2 (1,800 sq mi)
Area rank 29th
Population (2015)
 • Total 3,982,901
 • Rank 9th
 • Density 830/km2 (2,200/sq mi)
Time zone Nakahara National Time (UTC+9)
Flower Prunus mume
Tree Prunus mume
Website www.pref-suzukake.go.nk/

Suzukake Prefecture (鈴懸県 Suzukake ken?) is a prefecture of Nakama located in Nanbu Region on the island of Seijima. The capital city is Suzukake


Suzukake Prefecture was part of greater Nangoku Province of Japan until the Genpei war in 1185 where it governed under the Taira Shogunate from Ichihara. Under Taira, it become the province of Nangoshi Province (南越国) with the capital of Shikaori (南越) (modern day Suzukake City) as the southern end of shogunate government limit.

Until 1600 Nangoshi was the border of Nakama with the neighboring independent Nami Empire. In 1601, Kurahashi Shogunate from Nanohana plan to annex Nami Empire. Battle of Shishido taken place within the Nangoshi Province between Kurahashi forces with Nami Empire with result of the ceasefire between both side and leaving Nami empire independent until end of 19 century.

Suzukake Prefecture formed in 1901 restoration at the western part of Nangoshi Province with Suzukake as its capital.


Suzukake Prefecture located in the Shikazaki Peninsula on the southern part of Seijima Island. It is bordering with Shiromoto Prefecture in the east and northeast and Shoyado Prefecture in the south. There are several other tectonic lines running from south to north through the prefecture. The southern area features limestone, which is the foundation for the cement industry, and several limestone caves.

Shishido Mountains runs in the southern part border with Shoyado Prefecture of the prefecture toward Shiromoto Prefecture in the east with its Mount Shingu (真宮山) with height of 2,139 meters above sea level as the highest point. Several river runs across the prefecture from south including Shingu River, Yobito River, and from east Imaichi River. Northern part of prefecture lays lowland Shikaori Plains where 82% of the prefecture population reside. Ishijima Island located north of the prefecture with Kaisuka Inland Sea border it







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