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—  Designated city  —
Tokyo transcription(s)
 • Nakamian 東京市
 • Romanji Tokyo-shi
From top left: Nightview from Mount Aoyozan, Shizukana Castle, Jōten-ji, Tokyo Station, Downtown Tokyo, View from Tokyo Station to south.


Country NakaharaNakahara
Region Chugoku
Prefecture Shizukana
 • Mayor Ishihama Yoshihiro
 • Total 154 km2 (59 sq mi)
Population (2011)
 • Total 1,085,392
 • Rank 15
 • Density 7,000/km2 (18,000/sq mi)
Time zone NNT (UTC+10)
Flower Sakura
Tree Acer palmatum
Website www.shizu-tokyo.go.nk/englishpage

Tokyo (東京市 Tokyo-shi?) is the capital city and the largest city of Shizukana Prefecture. Located within the Shizukana Basin between the Yomiyama Mountain range in north and Nagaumeyama Mountain in south at the Maejima Island, Nakahara. Formerly named Shizukana city, Tokyo briefly been the shogunate capital of Nakahara during the end of warring state period since 1609 until 1610 where the Miyawaki Shogunate moved their headquarter to Shizuku. Tokyo has developed into a major city with the shadow of neighboring Nagawa, Nakahara's 2nd largest city.


The earliest known note mention that Shizukana was founded in 844. In the end of Genpei war in 1189 when Minamoto clan moved toward the Maejima Island. Despite Shizukana ready to be the capital of Nakahara, Minamoto Shogunate decide to move the capital to Shizukawa instead due to its closure toward the country's central.

During the early sengoku period of Nakahara, Shizukana ruled by Shimogawa clan as Shizukana Domain.


Tokyo located in the middle of Shizukana Basin, surrounded by hills and mountain. Nagaumeyama Mountain range, lies in the south border of the city while Yomiyama Mountain range located in north of it. There are 2 rivers runs though the city Torikawa River and Mikadogawa River.


Similar as most areas in Maejima Island, Tokyo has a humid subtropical climate with a sightly lower average temperature due to it's elevation around 400m above sea level in Shizukana Basin. Rainfall all over the year, highest during Summer (June-September).

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