Aoyoko Station

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Aoyoko Station
Aoyoko Station
Prefecture Watanabe
(See other stations in Watanabe)
City Minamiyoko
Neighborhood Aoyoko
Address in Nakamian 渡辺県南横市青横
Opened 1960
Rail services
Operator(s) NR Central
Line(s) Shimizu Line
Shizugawa Main Line
Okusawa Line
Statistics 19,744 passengers/day 2010
Bus Medium bus terminal at this station

Aoyoko Station (青横駅 Aoyoko-eki?) is a commuter railway station on the Shizugawa Main Line in the city of Minamiyoko, Watanabe Prefecture, Nakahara. The station is 57km by the rail line from the Kashiwagi Station in Shinkyo. This station set as the diverging point of Okusawa line with Shizugawa Main Line and Shimizu Line.


Aoyoko station opened in 1960 with the opening of Okusawa line and later in 1972 additional platform done for the Shimizu line.

In 18 August 1986, a train from Shizugawa Main Line from Iwatsu Station had a rear-end collision with the Shimizu line train in the 3rd station lane, leaving 7 dies and 43 injured.



Aoyoko station consist


1  Okusawa Line for Okusawa
2  Okusawa Line for Watanabe
3  Shimizu Line for Shimizu
4  Shimizu Line for Shimazaki

Adjacent stations

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